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Our company policies

Compliance with the national and international law & regulations relating to environmental protection.

  • A sustained improvement of protection for the environment.
  • Preserve the customer’s need concentrating organizational system.
  • Develop relationship with our clients and focus their getting their operations successful.
  • Offers continuous, high value-added service.
  • The highest quality of safety operation system.
  • Provide a secure and enjoyable work atmosphere.
  • Take precautionary measures prevent risky situations and abnormalities.
  • Comprehensive training and continued development of safety management skills.
  • Ensure client satisfaction by the quality and the reliability of our services.
  • Improve efficiency through standardization and simplification.
  • Build, accumulate and share information regarding work procedures and know-how.
  • Actively provide our customer with a positive impression and excellent service, and further support this role by contributing to the community and fulfilling our social duties and responsibilities.